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About us

GS Associates is a boutique commercial interiors firm, offering innovative construction, design and installation services for any size organization. Headquartered in Amersham, we serve businesses throughout London and the Thames Valley area. We are passionate about creating extraordinary workplaces, customized to your specific needs and budget.

Designing and furnishing your work location – whether a new space or remodel – can seem overwhelming, especially when you consider the impact your decisions could have on your business’s future success.

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Creating Vibrant, Functional Workspaces

Original, distinctive style defines the design team at GS Associates. Our mission is to turn an empty shell into workspaces that are attractive and practical. :- From small renovations and site expansions to mulit-floor offices being built from concept to completion. GS Associates is ready to customize your work environment with the highest quality interior construction and innovative design tailored to your business.